Meet Our Ministerial Staff

Elder Edward Brooks
Elder J. Michael Brewer
Elder Edward 

Ordination as an elder in the Church of God in Christ is a matter of tremendous importance.  With it comes many great responsibilities and opportunities of unparallel proportion.


An ordained elder is one who has been commissioned to carry out the mandates of the Gospel Ministry as well as administer the ordinaces of the church.  The ordained elder has been sanctioned by the Church of God in Christ as a duly authorized representative of the organization. An ordained elder along with pastors, jurisdictional bishops and general board members are provided the opportunity to serve as a delegates to the General Assembly of the National Church.  Also, the appointment of all Bishops of Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions and Foreign Jurisdictions is from the roster of qualified elders of the Church of God in Christ.  Becoming an ordained elder should NOT be seen as assuming another “title” but assuming a wonderful opportunity to “serve” God's people.