The Missionary Department is an extention of the Women's Ministry.  The Missionary Department is composed of women who feel a special call of God to the work of the ministry.  The Missionary Department is primarily focused on winning souls and supporting the vision and mission of our Pastor.  There are three categories of missionaries as established by the National Women's Department of the Church Of God In Christ they are: the aspiring missionary, deaconess missionary and evangelist missionary. 

Aspiring Missionary

An Aspiring Missionary is a woman of any adult age who feels a special call of God on her life.  The aspiring missionary must reflect a Godly image.  She must be concerned about the work of prayer, teaching soul-winning etc., feeling the inner call to the service of God.  The Aspiring Missionary is observed for at least two years before being recommended for license.

Deaconess Missionary

A Deaconess Missionary is a licensed missionary whose activities are within the confines of the local church; However, if she is invited to serve outside the confines of the local church, she may do so with the permission of her pastor, but she must be accompanied by her church mother or a qualified evangelist missionary. 


A Deaconess Missionary must study the Word of God as her rule of faith and practice, seeking knowledge from the Higher Power and training through Institute Classes, Bible School, etc.  This will better equip her to serve God and His people.  It is reommended that after two years of in service training, and being God led, her activities lead to the Evangelist Missionary.


After one year of dedicated service, she may be elevated to Evangelist Missionary with the recommendation of her pastor and church mother, only if she feels the call to evangelistic ministry.  The role of a Deaconess Missionary is not to be confused with that of the Deaconess of the local church.


Evangelist Missionary

An Evangelist Missionary is a missionary whose mission extends into the District and the Jurisdiction. However, she must yet have the endorsement of her pastor and Jurisdictional Supervisor. She is expected to help build the work on all levels. She must be available to travel and conduct revivals whenever and wherever called upon. A real Evangelist Missionary will have two prerequisites: 1) a Mission and 2) a Vision. These two prerequisites will give a greater thrust in soul-winning.

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