Welcome to the Greater Hope Music Department

The Greater Hope COGIC Music Department leads the congregation in praise and worship through music. The Greater Hope Music Department's mission is to create an atmosphere in which the presence of God fills the room.  Greater Hope is blessed to have anointed musicians and dancers as part of its congregation.

Outreach Gospel Choir

The Outreach Gospel Choir is the main choir of the Greater Hope Church. This choir ministers at all special services at Greater Hope.  The Outreach Gospel Choir also accompanies Greater Hope and Pastor Jones when they visit other churches.  The music ministry plays a vital part in each church service.


Men's Choir

The men's choir is comprised of men of all ages.  The men's choir ministers in song. The men's choir usually performs on the second Sunday of each month. 


Praise Team

The Greater Hope Praise Team leads the congregation in spirit-filled praise and worship to prepare the congregation's hearts and minds to receive a word from the Lord.

Youth Choir

Greater Hope COGIC is blessed to have multi-talented youth and young adults as part of its congregation. The Greater Hope Youth Choir is a choir created to help our young people grow spiritually and musically. The choir is made up of an innovative group of talented youth and young adults whose mission is to create an avenue of musical expression by which God is glorified. The Greater Hope Youth Choir's desire is to usher musically talented youth and young adults into the realm of ministry and excellence. 

Liturgical Dance

Liturgical and praise dance can be two separate things but they are generally the same type of dance. Typically, liturgical/praise dance is a form of dance that is incorporated into the liturgies or worship services. Liturgical and praise dance is an expression of prayer and/or worship through body movement.