Usher Board


The Ushers, along with the Hospitality Committee, are the first to give to a member or visitor an impression of the church and of those living a saved life.  The Usher Board strives to develop attitudes that will draw others to Christ and a spirit of friendliness that visitors, relatives and friends of the saints are made to feel welcome and open to hearing the Gospel.

The ushers have the important spiritual mission of seeing that God's services are conducted in a positive and professional manner.  The ushers share the responsibility of greeting everyone as they enter the church.  They also have the responsibility to provide services required by members and visitors to ensure that they comfortable and feel at home during the service.

It is our desire to serve the saints and assist the Pastor in every way possible.  It is our desire to provide service with professionalism and with the love of God being evident to everyone we come into contact with so that the hearts of every man, woman, boy or girl will be prepared to accept the Word of God.